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This High-Tech Riot-Busting Vehicle Looks Like Something Out Of A Dystopian Nightmare

The people behind this must feel VERY threatened by civil activism

As most logical people know, there’s a vast difference between a riot and a protest. Unfortunately, though, the two words are often conflated and appropriated by politicians to turn activists and dissenters into dangerous, lawless criminals.

It’s so commonplace to call those exercising their first amendment rights looters, hooligans, rioters, and the like that it’s hard not to see this jarring monstrosity from Bozena Security Systems as a tool at the disposal of oligarchs, dictators, and thin-skinned leaders rather than as strictly a device used to curb unlawful behavior.

It’s called the Bozena Riot, and while technologically impressive (and fascinating), it’s evocative of dystopian near future films like Hunger Games, Children of Men, and The Purge far more than it is of its stated purpose, which, as the name suggests, is stopping or quelling riots.

[iframe position="standard" ratio="0.5625" url=",fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/cvvjlnngs9g8yutfkttz.gif"]

In case the point isn’t driven home with that demonstration, the company tossed in a dozen or so faceless armed men to remove all doubt that anyone in this vehicle’s path is surely in harm’s way.

[iframe position="standard" ratio="0.5625" url=",fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/ceorqqck77472laemete.gif"]

The word “POLICE” brandished repeatedly on the moving wall further blurs the line between the role of a city’s police department and a fully-armed military unit.

Riots do happen, with alarming frequency, and this ingenious device would no doubt be a powerful weapon in the fight to end them quickly. But just as biased reports intentionally confuse “riot” and “protest,” so too could an authority figure who puts this intimidating juggernaut into action for all the wrong reasons.

Here’s a list of “accessories,” taken straight from the vehicle’s website:

  • The machine and shields are equipped with loud speakers for use by the lead operator, both for instructing the forces and also for appealing to the rioting crowds.
  • The upper part of the system houses a protected high resistance lighting system for use in the dark.
  • Built-in protected wide angle cameras provide the operator with images of the situation in front of the shield.
  • Further versions of the complex and modular video system (with one central, one periscope and two side cameras and stereo microphones) are available for more precise control and monitoring of the situation. The camera system is capable of recording the video footage from all the on-board cameras onto the memory card.
  • High pressure tear gas guns guarantee control of crowds in extreme situations and at close proximity to the rioters.
  • The system can be optionally equipped with smoke shells gun; a GSM band jammer for disruption to local mobile communications; a protected digital matrix display for displaying instructions to rioters and crowds and can be equipped with other additional accessories, as per your own requirements.

Is your skin crawling yet?

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