Pollutoys Teach Children About Ocean Pollution

They were developed by Sea Sherpard

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The valiant people of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are best known for fighting whalers on Whale Wars. Now, they’re turning their attention to helping a major problem affecting sea life across the world: pollution. “Nine million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year, killing 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals,” the organization says on its Instagram page. So they joined up with designer Andrea Vida to create a new line of Pollutoys—stuffed animals that teach young children about ocean pollution.

Pollutoys are adorable, plush sea animals, but behind their cute faces lies a sad reality. Their insides are crammed with indigestible plastic garbage: bottles, bags cutlery, cups, and all of the other plastic junk that makes its way to our oceans. Studies show that reaching young children with a message of environmental consciousness can help build a foundation that lasts throughout their lives. That makes pollutoys a fun way to encourage the next generation to fight ocean pollution.