Under Construction: Barcelona Has Been Building This Extravagant Church For 134 Years

Another ‘weekend warrior’ project that got beautifully out of hand

As anyone who’s tried revamping his or her kitchen knows, remodeling can take a very long time. Between picking out new flooring, deciding on a backsplash, and making sure all the finishes coalesce, it’s a marvel that any space comes together at all.

But one church in Barcelona might take the cake when it comes to never-ending construction projects: After 134 years of nailing, sanding, and sawing, the place of worship is finally nearing completion. Though it hasn’t been nonstop work—construction stopped during the Spanish Civil War and resumed again in the 1950s—it’s been 90 years since the original architect, Antoni Gaudí, died at the age of 73.

While technological advancements and architectural styles have drastically changed over the course of Sagrada Familia’s development, its an undeniably beautiful structure sure to stand the test of time. What’s even more beautiful? Lacking government funding, private donations have sustained construction all these years.

According to New York Magazine, the Sagrada Familia cathedral is slated to reach completion in 2026. Watch the one-minute video above to check out the church’s current state and its expected additions.

Sagrada Familia in 1915 (Image via Wikipedia)