10-Year-Old Writes A Hilarious Letter to Parents After Learning About Santa Claus

Her reaction is a bit vulgar, but highly amusing.

Hearing the “truth” about Santa Claus is a rite of passage for many children. Usually, around the age of 9 or 10, if you haven’t learned his origin story on the playground, your parents are forced to have an uncomfortable and potentially scarring conversation.

Even though this 10-year-old Maryland girl suspected something was amiss, her reaction to hearing the truth was priceless. “We were truthful and she may never speak to us again,” her mother, Nicki Adams, wrote in a Facebook post. “Especially when we lost our ever-loving shit at the pictures on the right that she slid beneath the door to us.”

Image via Facebook.

It’s pretty clear what the middle finger on the bottom right-hand corner represents. Belle’s letter reads:

You have no idea what you just did. I really tried to believe. Everyone told me it’s your parents. I can’t believe you anymore. Is the Easter bunny real, how bout the tooth fairy, huh? You just ruined a 10 year old child’s LIFE thanks.
Nothing will make me feel better. You lied to me about something I loved that BROKE my heart.

“This letter was a snapshot in time and we thought other families could relate to the dilemma,” Adams told BuzzFeed. “I think we can all remember writing notes to our parents or feeling that way as a child,” she said.