Savvy Cannabusiness Startups Cashing in on Relaxed Weed Laws

Ever since several states voted in November to relax their marijuana laws, we've seen an onslaught of weed startups, hoping to grow a profit from pot.

What will the impact be? More stoners, maybe. But more likely, an industry boom. As GeekWire wrote:

Over the past few years, Leafly CEO Brendan Kennedy has told potential investors that marijuana legalization is both inevitable and much closer than people realize. He refers to a “Berlin Wall” of marijuana prohibition that’s waiting to be taken down.
UpToke—a startup that has engineered an electronic cigarette for cannabis—is the latest innovation taking advantage of the cash crop. Founder Jason Levin recently talked to CNN Money about navigating the 'budding' industry.
"What I really noticed was professionalization of the industry," he said. "And when I saw that I said wow, this really has some significant potential."
Check out the video:


Image via (cc) flickr user dianasauros