A UK ad featuring a ‘sexy’ Theresa May has been pulled after sexism accusations. 

by Tod Perry

February 14, 2019
Image by No 10 /Flickr

In 2015, an for Protein World appeared in the London Underground featuring a bikini-clad blonde that asked, “Are you beach body ready?” Public outcry over the ad kicked off a movement in the UK to eliminate sexim from advertisments. 

This eventually led the Committee of Advertising Practice to ban five types of advertising it deemed sexist. The rules will take effect in June of this year.

Although the rules have yet to take effect, UK finance company has voluntarily pulled its ad featuring a hypersexualized portrait of UK Prime Minister Theresa May. The ad reads: “Her deal or yours? Make the markets your own on a historic day for Brexit.”

In the ad, May is wearing bright red lipstick while winking and seductively holding her pearls. It also highlights her cleavage. 

The ad references May’s recent Brexit strategy proposal which was recently rejected by the House of Commons. 

The sexist ad created an outcry on social media so pulled it and issued an apology. 

“We recognise that an advertisement posted on global media channels by, featuring a caricature image of Theresa May, has upset some people,” a spokesman said. “It was not our intention to cause any offence and we apologise for any harm or insensitivity. We made a mistake. The advert has been immediately withdrawn and terminated.”

The ad provoked some passionate responses on Twitter.

Share image via Dan Kitwood / Getty Images and Anastasia Zawierucha / Twitter.

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A UK ad featuring a ‘sexy’ Theresa May has been pulled after sexism accusations.