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Fox News’ Shep Smith Has Finally Had It With Kellyanne Conway

“We don’t quote (her) much anymore”

There comes a tipping point where political figures eventually lose all credibility after being caught in a series of lies. Senior White House advisor Kellyanne Conway may have finally reached that point after an unprecedented streak of deceitfulness. During the 2016 election, Conway was a mainstay on cable news where she confidently backed up, spun, and deflected Trump’s onslaught of falsehoods. But once he took office, the media began to sour on Conway and Trump’s double act, leading Conway to take a break from the spotlight after her infamous “alternative facts” remark.

Conway was back in the spotlight again yesterday after some outlandish remarks she made to the The Record of Bergen County, New Jersey. While defending Trump’s baseless assertion that Trump Tower was wiretapped by President Obama, Conway claimed he may have spied on him through “microwaves that turn into cameras.” Today, Conway backed off the claim telling CNN’s Chris Cuomo, “I don’t believe people are using the microwave to spy on the Trump campaign. However, I’m not in the job of having evidence; that’s what investigations are for.” But as far as Fox News’ Shep Smith is concerned, her credibility was shot long ago.

Monday, Smith asserted there was “absolutely” no evidence that Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower, even though the Trump administration keeps pushing the claim. “But his senior adviser Kellyanne Conway—who we don’t quote much anymore because, well, history—is noting that phones are not the only way that people spy on people,” Smith said. “For instance, what about televisions? And then she said ‘your microwave.’” When conservative outlets such as Fox have had enough of Conway’s subterfuge, one wonders how soon they’ll get the confidence to go after the real liar, her boss?

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