Fox News Anchor Shuts Down Trump's Campaign Manager Over Bizarre Women Voter Claims

Score one for the fact lovers.

Fox News personality Megyn Kelly scored a point for fact-lovers last night during a somewhat contentious interview with Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

After suggesting that Hillary Clinton should be doing much better with female voters in the polls, Conway pretended to be mystified as to why someone running as “the first female president” was doing so poorly.

“There's something holding her back,” Conway suggested.

Kelly, however, wasn't having it.

“She is beating Donald Trump by some 20 points with women,” Kelly said, before shooting back with questions of her own regarding Trump's terrible numbers.

The exchange continued along these lines, with Conway continually trying to assert some made-up fact while Kelly shut her down.

Check out the video below; it’s pretty fun to watch. Skip to the 6:00-minute mark to get right to the good stuff.

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