Shepard Fairey's Iconic Hope Poster Could Be Yours

Political Art For the Masses: Shepard Fairey's Iconic Hope Poster Could Be Yours

Nothing symbolizes the 2008 presidential election more than Shepard Fairey's iconic "Hope" poster. The image, created by the prolific street artist, not only made him known to the masses, but also gave Barack Obama's campaign a visual image to rally around. It was an excellent brand strategy, and now Fairey's creation will have its place in the art history books.

To coincide with November's election, artnet Auctions is hosting "Shepard Fairey: The Giant in Society and Politics", a special sale of over 30 rare prints by Fairey. Each poster, signed by the artist, have come directly from the artist's printer and collaborator John Goff, who he's worked with since 1997.

Along with the "Hope" poster, the sale spans Fairey's entire career, including his time at Rhode Island School of Design when he created the image that started it all: "Andre the Giant has a Posse" (1989). Fairey bombed streets all over the world with Andre the Giant's image on a sticker in a campaign that was at first met with confusion, then gained a massive cult following. This work was the impetus for his “Obey Giant” series, which fanned the popularity of street art globally.

Each print starts as low as $600 each, but something tells us that minimum is more like wishful thinking for interested buyers. Most sales ends tomorrow, November 6, so get bidding!

Photo courtesy of artnet