The Three Funniest Videos Making Fun Of Shia Labeouf’s Bizarre Motivational Speech

The Internet’s having a little fun with this one today.

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Shia Labeouf’s recently-released motivational speech is inspiring many online, but unfortunately for the actor, those most moved by the video have been bored internet creatives who are taking the opportunity to mock the actor in fantastically imaginative ways. Why? Two reasons: first, the video was shot entirelely in front of a green screen, meaning clever video editors can put Shia into a variety of hilarious situations and secondly, Shia’s speech contains an odd moment where he appears to lose his mind. His motivational screaming has lead to mashed-up internet gold, and here our a few of our favorites (Labeouf’s original video below).

Shia on the Balcony

Shia Inspires Luke Skywalker

Hal vs. Shia

The Original