Sir Ken Robinson's Radical Question: What if Education Was Rooted in Diversity?

Skip the standardized tests and bring on the creativity.


How do you get people to pay attention to the conversation about education? Forget the stuffy academic lectures, and take a page from the U.K.'s Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce's playbook. Back in 2008, they turned an hour-long talk by creativity and education expert Sir Ken Robinson into an 11-minute animated video spelling out how the real problem in our schools is our antiquated, industrial-age education model that promotes conformity and a narrow view of intelligenceand millions of people around the globe watched it. Fortunately for us, Robinson's still teaming up with the RSA and they're still animating his thought-provoking insights into what's wrong with our schools and how we can fix it.

Indeed, in an age where top-down, politician-driven dictates and standardized tests rule the education reform landscape, the above two-minute animation asks a radical and refreshing question: What if education was rooted in diversity instead of conformity? Robinson frequently says education needs to be personal precisely so students can find their talents and passions. The whimsical, creative visualizations in this video will make you imagine what our schools—and worldwould be like if that diverse approach to education actually happened.

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