Sisters Mistake Cashier For A Cartoon Character They Love. His Response Is The Sweetest.

The guy is a dead ringer for the character.

Children are no less susceptible to becoming star struck than the rest of us. While adults tend to appreciate a smaller pool of celebrities, children have whole worlds of animated characters to watch out for in the real world. One adorable example of this excitement took place at a Costco in Hawaii where two girls thought the cashier was Maui from Disney’s “Moana.”


Rella Rivera told People that her daughters, five-year-old Rylyn and eight-year-old Ryley, couldn’t contain their excitement when they spotted the cashier who resembled Maui. “That’s Maui,” they screamed while jumping up and down.


Being a kind soul who can appreciate a solid Disney movie, the cashier (who is named Will) invited the sisters behind the counter where he belted Maui’s signature catchphrase “Chee-hooo!” Rella told People the two girls seek out Will whenever they go shopping.

She even uploaded a video of the adorable exchange to Youtube.

When he’s not making a kid’s day at Costco, Will also appears as Maui at birthday parties and has previously been featured at Aulani Disney resort.