Solar Power Moves

Though Virgle and its fine intentions turned out to be not so real, the project's faux-concerns-and its justifications for colonizing Mars-were right on the nose. Greenhouse-gas emissions and soaring oil prices are a problem, and we need thoughtful, expedient solutions. And it's this hyper-awareness of the quandary (even at the core of April Fool's jokes) that may permit the next round of solar power programs to make an impact.

Ranging from the Mojave Desert's 4,500-acre thermal solar generating station-capable of producing 500 megawatts of power, officially the world's largest solar energy project-to the multi-hundred-million dollar endeavors in Israel and Australia, a host of collaborative efforts by businesses and governments are aiming to make a compelling global impression.

Check out the list of these "megaplants."

Via Foreign Policy.