Spain's Batalla Verde: When Life Gives You Mud, Make a Garden

Spain has won my heart again. Yesterday it gave us an incredible opera-inspired flash mob; today Treehugger shares the country's inspired plan to hold a Batalla Verde, or a Green Battle, a form of guerrilla gardening where participants engage in combat using balls of green mud implanted with seeds.While events like International Pillow Fight Day and the recently celebrated No Pants Day occur annually and have steadily increased in participation, few of them have the potential environmental impact of the proposed Batalla Verde.
The optimum battlefield should be pretty big and in need of green. It cold be an abundant construction site, a parking lot, spaces where no trees can be planted, like above underground parking houses, future park areas that are not being build due to lack of funding etc. La Batalla Verde is a very quick way to create a green space in a fun way and with little money.
Two to four weeks after the last mud ball has been hurled at a weary fighter, a landscape will grow into a permanent part of the area. The rules have not yet been finalized and the organizers are still looking for an area to host their battlefield (any takers?), but the whole event sounds like a mud-loving child's dream come true. Do you think Batalla Verde could catch on?