The behavioral standard Donald Trump sets in the White House may trickle down to other employees faster than we realized. Just hours after the president shut down an interview because of a question he didn’t like, it seems that Sean Spicer followed suit by straight up ghosting during a press conference.

First, there was the video of Trump’s abrupt cancellation following a completely legitimate question from CBS journalist John Dickerson. When asked if he “stood by” the earlier allegations of wiretapping against President Obama, Trump replied, “I don’t stand by anything.” After a quick back and forth, Trump shut down the interview and kicked the reporter out.

Then, during that afternoon’s press briefing, Sean Spicer took questions for just under a minute before handing the floor over to Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, then to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney.

Rather than return, he ran off as reporters yelled, screamed, and pleaded with the press secretary to, you know, talk to the press. Once you get past the troubling negligence and complete disregard for the institution of the press, maybe, just maybe, you can find some humor in how absurd and stupid this is.

He’s out of frame during the whole conspicuous exit, but that just adds to the surrealism.

If you’re looking for a little more visual context, here it is from a different angle:

I’m sure that Sean Spicer’s head is chock-full of a cacophony of reporters calling his name even when he’s alone, but before he leaves the room, you hear one reporter ask “WHAT ABOUT THE PUTIN POLL, SEAN?”

As we’ve seen in the past three months, the Trump administration isn’t even trying to convey respect to the American public anymore. Every effort to extract truth from the cabinet members is like getting an indignant child ready for church on Sunday.

Since we’re all out of tears at the moment, many decided to have some fun with the quintessentially Spicey behavior: