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Jedi Master Dad Creates Awesome Star Wars-Inspired Helmets After His Son Undergoes Skull Surgery

The Force is strong with this one.

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Craniosynostosis is a relatively rare medical condition, affecting just 1 in 2000, in which a portion of an infant’s still-developing skull plating prematurely ossifies, or hardens into bone. This premature ossification can then cause the skull to develop at atypical angles, resulting in abnormal head shape, as well as possible visual and auditory impairments, and even a risk for developmental disabilities. Fortunately, if identified early enough, craniosynostosis can be treated through a combination of surgery, and a series of post-operative corrective helmets, each designed to re-align an infant’s still-pliable skull plating back into its proper shape.

To celebrate the conclusion of his friend’s son’s craniosynostosis treatment, reddit user MikeSweeny shared how his pal helped turn infant Jack’s year of medically mandated helmets into a fun excursion to a galaxy far, far away, writing simply: “My buddy's kid had craniosynostosis surgery. His dad designed helmets for a year. Today is the last day of helmets. Happy birthday, Jack!”

Jack’s dad, it turns out, is a bit of a Star Wars fan. And so, for the year of Jack’s treatment, he became something of an honorary member of Star Wars: A New Hope’s “Red Squadron,” the Rebel Alliance’s crack squad of fighter pilots responsible for taking out the first Death Star.

There’s R2D2:

image via imgur

Luke Skywalker:

image via imgur

Biggs Darklighter:

image via imgur

And (the unfortunately named) Jek Porkins:

image via imgur

So, happy birthday, Jack! And may the force be with you!

[via mikesweeny, laughing squid]

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