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One Man’s Small Act Of Kindness For NYC Cops Is Going Viral

‘I wish I could have brought a little more’


When you’re working overtime, an extra cup of coffee is always welcome. That’s when Jermaine, an employee at a local New York City Starbucks became an instant friend to the police officers who were working the site of this weekend’s bombing in Chelsea.

In a video that has quickly gone viral, the barista walks up to the police line and offers the cops several bags containing coffee and pastries. Ever humble, he says in the video, “I wish I could have brought a little more. But there is cups and sugar in there and some pastries y’all can share.”

After handing over the treats, he turns to walk away before the officers call him back over for some heartfelt thanks and handshakes. “Thank you very much, thank you so much man,' one officer says before asking his name.

At least 29 people were injured in the bombing, which set off national security concerns around the country. Police have reportedly taken a suspect into custody but tensions still remain high over potential follow-up or copycat attacks.

But in the face of such sadness and anxiety, and to say nothing of increased tensions between the black community and police, it’s great to see one person going out of their way to make a difference.

And as CNN reports, that wasn’t the only act of kindness caught on camera. Locals brought out boxes of pizza and even offered up their homes to police officers who had been working insanely long shifts.

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