Strangers Have Started 'Adopting' Single Moms, Gifting Them Flowers For Mother’s Day

The program believes that every mother, regardless of circumstances, should be celebrated

For many single mothers and those raising their children in the face adverse circumstances, there is no one to see to it that they enjoy a happy Mother’s Day. This may not seem like a life-or-death struggle in the context of the many struggles such caregivers face, but, nonetheless, one charitable organization is working hard to ensure that all moms, regardless of circumstances, are told and shown they’re appreciated this time of year.

The Ark is a nonprofit out of Athens, Georgia. It has launched a unique “Adopt-a-Mom” campaign that allows strangers to send their best wishes to otherwise overlooked moms. The program continues to gain popularity nationwide in this, its fourth year.

A $25 donation to the organization ensures that a mom receives both flowers and a card, letting them know that someone out there recognizes the job they're doing. Further, since the flowers and cards are provided by the program’s sponsors, that $25 goes to a general fund to help out those same moms over the course of the year.

Speaking to Today, financial education director Stephanie Cockfield said, "Adopt-a-Mom got started based on us wanting to meet a need in the community that we didn't see was being met. The majority of people that we help are single, working moms and we thought, What can we do to better serve them and also recognize them for what they're doing?'”

Of the 220 moms on the Adopt-A-Mom roster, only 130 have been sponsored, according to A Plus.

Should you feel like giving, you can do so via this link.

UPDATE: Today, the last day to “adopt,” it appears that a big push has seen all the single moms spoken for. But don’t let that dissuade you from donating using the link above. Further contributions will still benefit the general fund to help these moms with expenses throughout the year.