Streetlights Powered by Dog Poop Streetlights Powered by Dog Poop

Streetlights Powered by Dog Poop

by Morgan Clendaniel

September 24, 2010
Cambridge, Massachusetts (my home town) seems to be doing a lot of cool things these days. Besides the yoga parking tickets, they have also recently installed a work by conceptual artist Matthew Mazzotta: a streetlight powered entirely by dog droppings, called the ParkSpark Project.

Dog parks, as you know if you've ever been to one, create a lot of excrement. This new street light both helps people connect their actions to the larger power system (poop in equals power out). But more importantly, it highlights the idea that there are potential energy sources all around us. If we're going to use much less oil, there isn't going to be a one-stop solution. It will be a combination of every available scrap of energy, from wind to solar to, yes, dog poop.

Photos by Matthew Mazzotta.

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Streetlights Powered by Dog Poop