Turning Manure Into Energy

Manure may be of one the stinkiest pollution problems, but it has a green lining: renewable energy. A handful of California dairy farmers have...

Manure may be of one the stinkiest pollution problems, but it has a green lining: renewable energy.A handful of California dairy farmers have begun using methane gas from their cows' waste to generate electricity, the Los Angeles Times reports. But just as the idea is starting to catch on, state regulators are refusing to issue permits for "dairy digester" systems because they say the technology creates its own pollution, nitrogen oxides."The board has been clear that when we're faced with these sorts of trade-offs between reducing greenhouse gases and reducing NOx, we're going to choose NOx," said Dave Warner, director of permit services for the San Joaquin Valley air quality district. His office has blocked some farms from switching on their digester machines.Certainly, the potential is there. Central California is home to nearly 1.6 million dairy cows that produce up to 192 million pounds of manure a day. "California has about four times as much potential for emission reductions and energy generation as the next-largest dairy state," an EPA official told the paper. "I know the regulations are much more strict in California. But there's so much potential there."In fact, the idea has caught on in Europe, where more than 8,000 biogas operations are up and running. In the United States, though, the concept has been slower to catch on, in part because government subsidies are not as readily available. Only about 150 digesters are operating on American farms, including 19 in Wisconsin, 18 in Pennsylvania and 16 in California.The current standoff between farmers and regulators isn't making things easier.The L.A. Times reports that farmer John Fiscalini installed a $4 million digester system when regulators warned him that he needed to fight pollution emitted by his 530-acre farm and cheese factory in Modesto, Calif. Now, several times a day a generator flushes tons of manure out of his barns, and converts the methane into electricity.But to comply with air standards, he had to invest hundreds of thousands more into his equipment."I figured I might as well try to do this now and do some good," Fiscalini recalled. Now, he says: "I wonder, sometimes, why I ever thought this was a good idea."But another farmer says the air regulators aren't completely off base. Dairy farmer Ron Koetsier installed a digester in 2003, but shut it down five years later when he was told it violated local NOx emission standards. The cost of upgrading his system would have been too high: $100,000 in new parts plus $50,000 a year in maintenance fees."It doesn't make financial sense for me keep doing this. I don't see how they can turn methane gas into electricity in California, given these rules," he said. But he added: "They have a point. I want clean air."E.B. Solomont, a regular contributor to the Mother Nature Network, writes from New York.Related Articles on Mother Nature Network: Photo by Charlie Litchfield/AP Photo
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The Trump Administration won't be remembered for being kind to animals.

In 2018, it launched a new effort to reinstate cruel hunting practices in Alaska that had been outlawed under Obama. Hunters will be able to shoot hibernating bear cubs, murder wolf and coyote cubs while in their dens, and use dogs to hunt black bears.

Efforts to end animal cruelty by the USDA have been curtailed as well. In 2016, under the Obama Administration, the USDA issued 4,944 animal welfare citations, in two years the numbers dropped to just 1,716.

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via I love butter / Flickr

We often dismiss our dreams as nonsensical dispatches from the mind while we're deep asleep. But recent research proves that our dreams can definitely affect our waking lives.

People often dream about their significant others and studies show it actually affects how we behave towads them the next day.

"A lot of people don't pay attention to their dreams and are unaware of the impact they have on their state of mind," said Dylan Selterman, psychology lecturer at the University of Maryland, says according to The Huffington Post. "Now we have evidence that there is this association."

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via Real Time with Bill Maher / YouTube and The Late Late Show with James Corden / YouTube

A controversial editorial on America's obesity epidemic and healthcare by comedian Bill Maher on his HBO show "Real Time" inspired a thoughtful, and funny, response by James Cordon. It also made for a great debate about healthcare that Americans are avoiding.

At the end of the September 6th episode of "Real Time, " Maher turned to the camera for his usual editorial and discussed how obesity is a huge part of the healthcare debate that no one is having.

"At Next Thursday's debate, one of the candidates has to say, 'The problem with our healthcare system is Americans eat shit and too much of it.' All the candidates will mention their health plans but no one will bring up the key factor: the citizens don't lift a finger to help," Maher said sternly.

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There is no shortage of proposals from the, um, what's the word for it… huge, group of Democratic presidential candidates this year. But one may stand out from the pack as being not just bold but also necessary; during a CNN town hall about climate change Andrew Yang proposed a "green amendment" to the constitution.

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Me Too Kit

The creator of the Me Too kit — an at home rape kit that has yet to hit the market — has come under fire as sexual assault advocates argue the kit is dangerous and misleading for women.

The kit is marketed as "the first ever at home kit for commercial use," according to the company's website. "Your experience. Your kit. Your story. Your life. Your choice. Every survivor has a story, every survivor has a voice." Customers will soon be able order one of the DIY kits in order to collect evidence "within the confines of the survivor's chosen place of safety" after an assault.

"With MeToo Kit, we are able to collect DNA samples and other tissues, which upon testing can provide the necessary time-sensitive evidence required in a court of law to identify a sexual predator's involvement with sexual assault," according to the website.

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