Susan Sarandon’s Cleavage Sparks Misogynist and Ageist Reactions in the Chatterverse

The shamers and commenters came out in full force.

At the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards, Susan Sarandon wore a low-cut Max Mara jacket and black bra. Her décolletage has engendered some pretty offensive commentary.

Not an hour after her appearance on the red carpet, the shamers and commenters came out in full force, lambasting the 69-year-old actress for showing skin, using the SAG acronym in insulting ways. Yes, that’s right—people are that awful.

Snarky tweeters quipped that Sarandon’s breasts were able to present in the “in memoriam” segment and Piers Morgan called her “tacky.”

“This kind of rampant sexist reaction to a woman over 50 exposing a bit of cleavage is just another example of the endemic sexism and ageism that we see,” Harriet Hall wrote on Stylist. “Not only in Hollywood, but all over the world and it needs to end, now.”

Sarandon responded to Morgan with a “#TBT” shot of herself in a bra from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and then women across the Twitterverse retaliated as well, sending cleavage shots to Morgan in solidarity.

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