Take a Trip Down the Gulf Oil Spill, From Surface to Sediment

Despite near-constant denials from BP that there's any oil at all under the surface in the Gulf, actual evidence points to there being plenty, including at least one 22-mile plume of oil droplets. And while there may now be some hyperactive bacteria helping the company clean up its mess, there remains a whole lot of oil dissolving or dispersing throughout the Gulf's waters. The impact on this incredibly important and productive marine ecosystem obvious won't be good. But exactly how will it be bad, and how bad will it be?

NRDC has created a great interactive tool that lets you "dive" straight into the Gulf and learn more about the specific areas of impact. What effect can evaporating oil or the tar balls have at the surface? Or the coral at the bottom? And, of course what about the dolphins? Dive in and hover on the "?"s to find out.