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Target’s New Swimwear Campaign Is Body-Positive And Photoshop-Free

It must have worked last year.

All images courtesy of Target.


One of America’s largest retailers is leading the way toward greater inclusivity in advertising.

Earlier this March, Target released a new swimwear line featuring over 1,700 styles.

It’s an assortment of bright, tropical colors and fashion-forward designs — but the most important part of the swimwear release is their models.

For the second year in a row, Target’s swimwear campaign features women with more realistic body types and is 100% Photoshop-free. The retail giant began its commitment to body-positive swimwear ads back in 2016 with its #NoFOMO campaign that encouraged its customers to “embrace their confident and fearless selves.”

“It’s our goal to take the stress out of swimsuit season and bring joy back to the beach by providing something for every Target guest,” the company said in a press release. “Building on the strong foundation we set with last year’s campaign, we’re celebrating women and encouraging them to embrace the beauty of their own bodies.”

Target’s continued push towards inclusivity is much needed at a time when young people are struggling with self-image issues due to social media.

But, let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t good for the bottom line.

In 2014, American Eagle’s lingerie line, Aerie, took a huge risk when it stopped retouching, airbrushing, and Photoshopping the models in its ads — and the risk paid off. The fashion line saw a big sales increase in 2015 and an even greater leap in 2016.

As consumers, we can encourage retailers beyond Aerie and Target to feature diversity in their advertising. If brands that promote realistic body types are supported at the cash register, we’re sure to see greater inclusivity in their catalogs, television commercials, and social media posts as well.

Then, one day, we may live in a world where ads inspire positivity instead of preying on our insecurities.

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