Teacher's Quiz On Heterosexuality Highlights The Ridiculous Line Of Thinking Homophobes Use

The questions often asked of gays read as insulting and absurd when asked of heterosexuals. That speaks volumes.

In order to highlight just how illogical the reasoning behind homophobia can be (and is), a Florida college professor asked some questions of the heterosexual students in his class. If they look familiar, it’s because these invasive and head-scratching queries are frequently asked of gay and lesbian people without a second thought, often because they’re considered “the exceptions” to “normal” (read: straight) sexuality.

But when heterosexuality is treated the same way, it doesn’t take long to realize what a dismissive and strange line of questioning it is for someone of any sexual orientation.

Since the best answer to all of these questions seems to be “Shut up. Please stop,” it should give pause that even the more innocuous questions serve to marginalize homosexuality by insisting that it needs to be explained to others. Heterosexuals aren’t compelled to explain anything, and the questions highlight the hypocrisy at work.

The Twitter user who took and shared the image above, @sincerelyelise, has, in a considerate move, refrained from disclosing the professor’s name. But in response to the sudden attention her account is getting from this viral tweet, she’s posted a link to those moved by her teacher’s effort.

Nice work, Elise. Nice work, Anonymous Florida Professor.