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Congressman Investigating Trump Says He May Be ‘Illegitimate President’

“We may have an illegitimate President of the United States currently occupying the White House”

This is what President Donald Trump does to otherwise mild-mannered politicians. When Rep. Ted Lieu was first elected to Congress last year, many California voters were worried he’d be a bit of a letdown. Sure, the Air Force veteran has a great resume, but sometimes he can come across as a bit of an empty suit.

Well, for an empty suit, he’s pretty fired up.

Lieu has made a virtual art form out of trolling Trump, keeping tabs on a president he now calls an “evil man” and “illegitimate.”

After Trump bragged about letting Obamacare “explode,” Lieu took to Trump’s favorite medium to blast what he called a treasonous act:

“’President’ Donald Trump: You are truly an evil man. Your job is to help Americans. Not intentionally try to destroy their lives.”

He immediately followed that up, explaining:

“Mr. ‘President’: Art II of Constitution requires you to faithfully execute laws passed by Congress. Subverting #Obamacare violates your Oath”

Lieu has been particularly hard on Trump ever since it was confirmed that the FBI is investigating potential collusion between members of Trump’s campaign staff and the Russian government.

In fact, Lieu has said that outside of the most basic functions of government, the ongoing investigation means that Congress should refuse to act on any of Trump’s legislative agenda until the cloud of uncertainty has been cleared:

“The bombshell revelation that U.S. officials have information that suggests Trump associates may have colluded with the Russians means we must pause the entire Trump agenda. We may have an illegitimate President of the United States currently occupying the White House.”

“Other than allowing routine governmental functions, there must be a total and complete shutdown of any agenda item being pushed by the Trump Administration. Congress cannot continue regular order and must stop voting on any Trump-backed agenda item until the FBI completes its Trump-Russia collusion investigation.”

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