Text Messages You Can Smell

This company's device and app allows you to send scents through your phone.

The oPhone DUO in use

Of the five senses, smell is likely the one that we communicate with the least, even though it’s probably the one that triggers memory the most. Vapor Communications, led by a couple of inventors, Harvard professor David Edwards and his co-founder Rachel Field, is developing the oPhone DUO, a device that would enable users to be able to send scents through an app as easily as they would a text message.


The oPhone utilizes eight cartridges called oChips, each containing four basic olfactory notes, which can generate up to 32 different smells that, when mixed and matched with one another, would be able to discharge over 300,000 distinct whiffs. According to the company literature, the app would last for hundreds of uses, “sort of like ink cartridges, but for aroma.”

A rendering of the app in use

Vapor Communications is currently focused on capturing distinct aromas like food and coffee and is in the midst of an indiegogo campaign. It remains to be seen if Vapor Communications will reach its funding goal, but it’s an exciting concept nonetheless.

Photos courtesy Vapor Communications