The Amazing Origami House: This Home Unfolds Eight Ways

It all started with Lapland. When David ben Grunberg was an architecture student, he was given the assignment to design a pre-fab home that could work in wildly different temperature extremes. In places like northernmost Finland, the long summer days are hot, and the winters are brutally cold. Grunberg's solution: an origami-inspired home that can fold itself into eight different forms.

In the winter, thick walls can face outward and insulate the home; in the summer, everything can be flipped inside-out so glazed walls let heat escape. The shape of the home can even change throughout the day. A user could position the house to watch the sun rise in the morning, and continue to rotate it so they stay in the sun all day long. The configuration can change to adapt to weather, too.

The design uses the Haberdasher's Puzzle, a mathematical discovery from 1902. By cutting an equilateral triangle in a specific way, it can be folded into a square, and folded back again.

When Grunberg graduated, he co-founded D*Haus, a design and architecture firm that has used the Haberdasher's Puzzle as the basis of every design, from coffee tables to lights. The house, called D*Dynamic, isn't available yet, but you can see how it works in the video below.


Images via D*Haus