The Arctic Paradox Explained: Why a Warmer Arctic Can Mean a Frigid Winter Here

Finally, an explanation we can all understand about why a warmer Arctic can cause freezing winters in North America. Dr. Heidi Cullen explains.

I wrote a couple weeks ago that as long as I keep hearing the "'So much for global warming, huh?' comments uttered by well meaning, but ill-informed people around the country, it's my duty to, once again, address it."

So here's Dr. Heidi Cullen, formerly of The Weather Channel, now CEO of Climate Central, giving a thorough and comprehensible explanation of why the warmer arctic can unleash the bitter cold we've felt down in North America and northern Europe this winter. She talks to Energy NOW:

The "Warm Arctic/Cold Continents Pattern" is an area of ongoing research, so nothing is certain here. But you can learn more about that arctic paradox, and find links to more studies about it, at this Climate Central post.

Image: Climate Central