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The Back Garden Project: Metal Workers Wanted!

This is the 13th post in The Back Garden Project, one GOOD community member's effort to turn a neglected corner of the city into a thriving garden.

It's very much mid-summer in the back garden. Due to the lack of produce to tend and pick, there hasn't been much growth or change out back (that's my dog wishing desperately that he could get through the hole in the fence to somewhere more exciting). I'm feeling like it's time for something drastic and I have an idea:

Who wants to build a crazy sculpture out of all the pieces of metal and other found objects in the back garden?!

Seriously, as I've mentioned more than once, there are a lot of scraps down there still, and honestly I think there are some pretty incredible pieces with which some wild recycled artwork could be created. Here's just a sample of some of the best stuff:

And then there are oodles of lovely little trinkets like these:

And of course there's all of this:

Any takers? Sadly, I lack the skills with a welder to do much with it myself, but I would be excited to have any Brooklynite with the time and interest get involved creating something out of some of this. Of course, the result would be the subject of a post here on So get in touch through the comments here if you're interested, and meanwhile anybody with other good ideas for how to use this junk, please send those this way too.

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