The Daily Show Mocks Hermit Crabs and That's Not Cool

We don't mention The Daily Show on this blog all that frequently because it's just understood that Jon Stewart is awesome and there's not much to add. And actually, sometimes when Stewart is extra awesome we mention him anyway. But I wasn't entirely into this segment from last night, especially the bit about hermit crabs beginning at around 2:20 in the video below.


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Stewart's using that clip from the NBC story on hermit crabs to make the point that the news media is focusing on trivialities. He suggests the "devastated ecosystem" and displaced people are more important stories.

It's a lame critique of NBC. This is what ecosystem devastation looks like. After all, hermit crabs are part of the ecosystem, dude. And call me crazy, but I think if we have an entire species vacating the water en masse because its completely uninhabitable, that's a pretty dramatic illustration of the oil spill's effects.

I don't know. Am I being too sensitive? This oil spill is pretty upsetting.