The Economy: Pokémon, Stick Figures, and Four Acts

Last week, we found some nice sites for understanding the economy, the polls, and campaign claims. Today, we'd like to give you a few more.The Bygone Bureau blogger Kevin Nguyen weaves a crafty Pokémon analogy to explain the economic crisis to his little sister. It achieves that satisfying mixture of humor, cogency, and slightly outdated pop-culture relevance that makes for a great (and quick) read.Or, if you prefer to glean your financial insight by listening, here's an exceptional episode of This American Life that will walk you through the market's current state of upheaval in four acts. It's not short, but it is wonderful.Finally, there's this classic power point presentation (Boing Boing put it up back in February) that uses foul-mouthed stick figures to illustrate the failures of everyone involved in the subprime mortage mess.