The Fact That Changed Everything: Gary White and The Fact That Changed Everything: Gary White and

The Fact That Changed Everything: Gary White and

by Bora Chang Jessica De Jesus

September 30, 2012 has implemented clean water solutions in parts of developing countries including Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Honduras, by working with locally based partners to build a well or install hand pumps, and making sure that the project will be accompanied by education and community-based leadership to help maintain and fund their own water programs. The organization also shares its unique approach with other organizations that work in WASH (or water, sanitation and hygiene sector), and advocates on behalf of those in need of water. works with the US government, corporate social responsibility leaders, and grassroots constituents, and with such profile-raisers as The Clinton Global Initiative and PepsiCo. In its efforts, has directly reached about 1 million people with many more undoubtedly affected indirectly.

Additionally, the organization has developed an initiative called WaterCredit, which merges microfinance with water and sanitation. The program works by giving loans to people and communities so they can create their own wells or obtain water access. In effect, the initiative empowers the poor who have enough money to afford a small fee in paying back the loan, and it reserves the philanthropic funding for those who need the charity the most.

By the year 2020, the program is expected to help an estimated 100 million people get improved access to water and sanitation. Furthermore, according to Chevenee Reavis, the director of advocacy at, the organization is “evolving and becoming more of a think tank” as it tries to find new ways to help people get clean water in places WaterCredit would not work, such as cholera-stricken Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. “The quality of the water being trucked into the city inside tanks is not always controllable, so has devised a way to send SMS text messages to direct people to clean water tanks,” says Reavis. The plan is to execute a pilot program and take it to two cities over the next two years.

“At the end of the day, more people die from preventable, water-related diseases than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined,” says White. “Solving the global water crisis is the next movement this world needs and we’re eager to help light that spark.”

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The Fact That Changed Everything: Gary White and