Why Do People Have Freckles?

Sadly, they’re not angel kisses

If you were a kid with freckles your parents probably told you that every one was a kiss from an angel. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Freckles are small areas of the skin which contain higher amounts of melanin. Melanin is the pigment protein that’s responsible for our eye, skin and hair color. In most people, melanin is distributed evenly so their skin tone is consistent. People with freckles have clumps of melanin in their skin which gets darker when exposed to sunlight.

Why do some people get freckles and others don’t? Researchers believe that it’s because of the MC1R gene which regulates melanin production. Although people with red hair tend to have more freckles, not all of them do. So if you have freckles and someone dares call them “angel kisses” let them know you were never kissed by any mythological winged beings. Instead, tell them all about your amazing MC1R gene.