The Freakiest Ads of the Year The Freakiest Ads of the Year

The Freakiest Ads of the Year

by Morgan Clendaniel

December 22, 2009
AdFreak has put together a lovely collection of the "freakiest" ads of the year, and there are some freaky ones Most of them are PSAs of some sort, because the only way someone watching TV can be jolted into caring about anything is to be as shocking as possible. Most are from other countries, because they seem to let people make much crazier ads in other countries.The most intense is pretty clearly the Brazilian World Wildlife Fund ad which compares the death toll of 9/11 to that of the tsunami, the message being that the Earth is the deadliest killer we know, and we should respect it. To me, this lovely young stripper being gutted like a fish is, without question, the most disturbing of the bunch, not only for the graphic imagery, but also because live fish gutting is such a problem in Germany the Netherlands that it gets a slick video (warning, potentially slightly not safe for work):[
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The Freakiest Ads of the Year