The Lone Star Miracle

Somewhere in the universe, the late great Molly Ivins' is smiling down on us.\r\n\r\nWhen George W. Bush campaigned on what he called the "Texas...

Somewhere in the universe, the late great Molly Ivins' is smiling down on us.When George W. Bush campaigned on what he called the "Texas Miracle," as it concerned education, Ivins was a tad less glowing in her praise. Her version of the Texas miracle was "how we rocketed from abysmal to pretty damn good in just thirty years."I digress.Starting tomorrow morning, the Texas State Board of Education is reviewing a proposal as it concerns social studies and the education of Texas schoolchildren. Going forward, Christianity would play a major role. Today marked the deadline to speak at the public hearing in Austin-and so far, nearly 100 people have signed up. Every decade in the Lone Star State, a curriculum battle is waged and based on what is decided, historical figures are allowed or disallowed in the retelling of our history. Already, Cesar Chavez is already on the chopping block. It's frightening what happens when we're not paying attention. Whole histories get rewritten.A lively debate from Austin, to follow. Photo via