The Other Other White Meat

While you were eating turkey (or Tofurkey) last week, scientists in the Netherlands were working away on a new innovation for the common table: laboratory-produced pork. They used an initial sample of pig muscle tissue to grow something described as "soggy pork." From the Telegraph:Mark Post, professor of physiology at Eindhoven University, said: "What we have at the moment is rather like wasted muscle tissue. We need to find ways of improving it by training it and stretching it, but we will get there."This product will be good for the environment and will reduce animal suffering. If it feels and tastes like meat, people will buy it."This stuff could really help reduce the climate impact of meat consumption, both because it's less taxing on the environment than natural-grown meat, and because just thinking about lab meat may make a lot of people feel like going vegetarian altogether.Photo by Flickr user foooooey (cc)