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The Sierra Club Wants You for the "Best Internship on Earth"

Apply now for the best summer job in the history of summer jobs.

Are you a student or recent grad who wants to spend this coming summer hiking, rafting, camping and embarking on all sorts of outdoor adventures? The Sierra Club wants to pay someone to do just that, to serve as their "Outdoors Youth Ambassador" in what they're calling the "Best Internship on Earth." (Tough to argue the title. Unless you really hate sleeping in a tent, climbing mountains, and swimming in rivers. And fun.)

This is actually the second year that the Sierra Club has promoted this "best internship" gig, which was so wildly popular last year that competition will certainly be fierce.


I've heard enough. Where do I apply?

Here's where you apply, and here are some more details.

Our Outdoors Youth Ambassador intern will spend the summer hiking, rafting, and exploring with the Sierra Club's youth programs around the country, and video blogging about their experiences.

See glorious sights, meet amazing people, and have new adventures!


The deadline to apply is March 16, 2011. You must be at least 18 years old to apply, and currently enrolled in high school, college, or university, or be a recent graduate.

Be sure to read our FAQ before applying. We don't want to miss your application!

Apply now!


Those youth programs—Inner City Outings, Building Bridges to the Outdoors, and Volunteer Vacations—are all truly inspiring initiatives that help so many young Americans, especially those from urban centers, connect with the natural world in a way that is simply impossible in their day-to-day lives. These are life-changing, formative experiences for these youth.

To apply, you'll need to put together a 90-second video that breaks down why you're right for this most illustrious position. Which will actually be good training for the gig itself, as you'll have to create a video blog to regularly document the experience of the Youth Outdoors Ambassador and promote "the importance of giving all young people opportunities to experience the outdoors." Check out the videos from last year's intern, Evan Geary, to get a better sense of the "work."(I particularly appreciate Episode #1, "Old White Men," which speaks—and tried to break down—the well-deserved stereotypes of environmentalism as a monochromatic, elitist movement.)

Good luck applying. And if anyone of you from the GOOD community win, I expect you to share the reports here on

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