The Week That Was: GOOD Education

Morning Roundups
again started out the day-to give you an early dose of what's worth reading and what's not.Nikhil's post envisioning A World Without Private Schools was marked the most good.We examined the increased number of college options now given to veterans returning home from war, what to do about liberal arts education (or lack thereof), and we started to pay closer attention to the debate raging as Texas goes about rewriting its social studies curriculum. More on that next week.Is Alice Waters Merely Cultivating Failure? looked at the dark side of school gardens and Do the (Union) Hustle questioned whether teachers' unions represent the way forward or are but a relic from the past.Nikhi's post on how states rank in terms of public education and my treatise on how kids are raising money for Haiti's earthquake victims rounded out the week.And Damien Stankiewicz, a new contributor to GOOD, wrote a prescient essay on how NYU might reform its campus culture, in the wake of yet another suicide.What do you want more or less of? We want to hear about it.May your Martin Luther King, Jr. Day be spent in service.Map via