This is How Tunisians Welcomed Egyptians Who Fled Libya

Tunisians turn out to support Egyptians and Libyans with raucous chants of unity.


Solidarity and mutual support continue to spread and amaze throughout Arab countries rising up against autocratic rulers. This video captures one ecstatic moment touching on three countries in revolution all at once. It is shot in Tunisia, of Tunisians. They are welcoming Egyptians who have just returned from Libya as they fled the violent crackdown by Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The Tunisians are chanting: "Tunisia and Egypt, one hand."

We can't confirm why the Egyptians receiving this heroes welcome were in Libya but we do know that thousands of Egyptians (and Tunisians) have been filling the leadership void left after their successful revolutions by organizing grassroots international aid missions. Many have personally taken aid across the border to Libya at great risk to themselves.

Via Hesham El-Meligy on Facebook.