This Is Patrick

...and these are his things. A portrait of model/fabricator Patrick Delaney and a birds-eye view of the material things that define him.

Name: Patrick DelaneyAge: 25Location: New York, Tokyo, SydneyBirthplace: San FranciscoOccupation: art fabricator and fashion modelAll in a day's workI have been working this way for the past four years. A normal week these days is pretty nuts. I work for two different artists (Terrence Koh and Banks Violette) who are so different they might as well be black and white. My days consist of either power tools or fancy stuff. If I'm not staring at a computer screen or into the lens of a camera, I'm grinding down half-inch steel with a power grinder. That sounds like a weird personals ad.Finding InspirationMy mother and stepfather inspire me the most. I think I model because my mom likes to collect the pictures. And my stepdad has always supported my crazy abstract ideas and inspired me to work as an artist.Feeding CreativityMy last meal would have to be two carne asada tacos from El Toro, in San Francisco.Wish listA home. Somewhere I could drop my bags, unpack, and know I would not have to pack again any time soon. Travel is so much fun, but it takes its toll eventually.

And These Are His Things

1. Large green bag: Every traveler has a bag he loves most. This green Louis Vuitton bag is my favorite. It's the perfect size for side trips when I get time off and it's carry-on size, so it's always with me.

2. Foreign currency: It's always nice to have a few dollars, euros, yen, or whatever, as soon as you get off the plane.

3. Laptop: Can't live without it. It's my entertainment, calendar, encyclopedia, language teacher, etc. I don't know what I would do without it.

4. Passports: I've lost so many passports that the government will only give me single-year ones from now on.

5. Shades: It's always nice to hide your eyes with dark lenses while traveling with a hangover...which I do almost every time.

6. Orbit gum: It has become an addiction.

7. Photographs: I feel it's important to see familiar faces in your room, even if they are thousands of miles away.It helps with the homesick situations.

8. Dopp kit: I always have to have a toothbrush, hand soap, and lip balm when traveling. Doesn't everyone?

9. Small wallet/pouch: This pouch allows me to keep my money, passport, and tickets in a safe place, but still accessible when needed.