This is Jeff This is Jeff
Issue 006

This is Jeff

by Trujillo-Paumier

August 12, 2007
Name: Jeff HongAge: 29Location: Palos Verdes, CaliforniaHometown: Los Angeles, California (Korea Town)Occupation: Jewelry designer; co-owner and manager of a jewelry store in South Central, Los Angeles called IceefreshIn The RoughI use my knowledge of what I like to do and try to combine it with jewelry. I've never bought a piece of jewelry in my life. What I think about is how I can make it. I thought it was fresh cool to sell something I had designed.IceefreshI couldn't do this by myself. You need a family. You need a real good team. You need a lot of trust. They have to trust me and my designs. I have to trust them when they make it.

And Those Are His Things


1. Highway 10 necklace ($65,000): "I hold onto it for a friend. He doesn't like to keep it at his house for safety purposes. Basically I'm his banker."


2. Pencils:


3. Movies:


4. Baby Shoes:


5. Jeweled skateboard:


6. Grills:


7. Par grinder jewelry tool:


8. Keys to his Porsche 997:


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This is Jeff