This Week In GOOD

Highlights, and one solemn obituary, from this past week:To complement GOOD 010: The China Issue, Jaime Wolf has been posting on some of the quirks of Chinese culture. This week he covered the lesser known, but intolerably cute, red panda, and the best sources for real news from China.The fate of Nabokov's unpublished last work was decided.Scott Ballum is connecting with the people behind the things he buys with the year-long Consume®econnection Project.Prospect and Foreign Policy collaborated on a list of the world's "top" public intellectuals.The Tuymans Experiment explored how fine art fares when it's taken out of the museum and has to busk on the street.And last but not least, the Rebel Alliance loses a cadet to the Galactic Empire: Nau closes its doors.