This Week In GOOD

We don't want to work. We just want to bang on a drum all day--at least until we reach our hundredth year. Of course, in the absence of a drum, we recap. There was a Maverick Compromise in a NorCal surf bout. And an annoyingly attractive new release from Apple.Specialized and Google announced their "Innovate or Die" winner. And we said goodbye to a mysterious (and notorious) grandmaster, Bobby Fischer. Also, there's a charity Scrabble tournament this weekend in which our own deputy editor, Morgan Clendaniel, will compete. He'll be facing the likes of The Daily Show's John Oliver (pictured).Oh, yes, one last thing. Mr. Nabokov, you MUST publish your father's final manuscript. You have no choice in this matter. It's no longer his. Those words belong to the public and, like your father, to the ages. Please let the ages have them.