Time Frame Time Frame

Time Frame

by D. Bryon Darby

September 19, 2011

Two months after the birth of our daughter, I uprooted my family from the quiet mountains and valleys of northern Utah and moved them to the arid, ever-expanding suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. In the name of higher education, we quit our jobs, sold our home, and plucked our newly born child from the loving arms of her grandparents. As the rigor and logistical difficulty of fieldwork in a new and unfamiliar place amassed with the stresses of graduate school, teaching, dwindling finances, and fatherhood, I began making work in response to what was closest to me—my family, my home, my neighborhood, and my personal experiences as a transplant to Phoenix.

Entire 101 Freeway Loop, 91.2 Miles in 82 Minutes began as a stop-motion video animation. I steadied my camera on a tripod between the driver and passenger seats and, while driving the entire loop, used an interval timer to make one photograph for every minute of travel. Unhappy with the initial animation, I digitally compressed all 82 frames into one photograph. The result, not unlike an extended-time exposure, gives a glimpse of many different times and places in a single frame. Some areas with constant change become just a blur, while other static elements remain sharp and clear.

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Time Frame