Today's Children Get Their Disney Stupid-ified

This video is a classic Disney cartoon. Apparently worried that today's kids wouldn't be into Donald Duck's baking getting the better of him, they've remixed it (and many other others) into a show called Blam, which features a horrible narrator yelling "blam!" when bad things happen to Donald, and generally making obnoxious comments and employing "features" like slow-motion replays.


Some choice lines:

"He's cooking up a delicious serving of... blam!"

"Cement. It does the body bad. Blam!"

And this knock knock joke:

"'Knock knock."

"Who's there?"

"It's blam.'"

"Blam who?

"Blam in your face!"

This is obviously a poor addition to the Disney canon, and I feel for today's children who watch this and for the suits at Disney who felt this was necessary. Do kids need someone providing a play-by-play because the original cartoon is too boring? Or do they need constant commentary to understand anything?

Via the Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me blog.