A Toddler And His Dog Are Teamwork Exemplified As They Steal Food Out Of The Fridge

This isn’t the first time Maverick and Leroy have teamed up to raid the fridge

As we’ve learned before in instances such as this brotherly team breaking free of a crib, never underestimate the resourcefulness of a toddler in getting what he or she wants. Rob and Carrie are the parents of this precocious toddler and a complicit dog who become unlikely accomplices in stealing food out of a hard-to-reach fridge.

The parents, understandably, are more amazed and amused than upset, though they might want to get their son a footstool for the sake of their dog, Leroy. They managed to document one of the frequent heists to share with the world.

The kid's name? Why, it's Maverick, of course. Said Carrie about the frequent fridge-robbings (via Facebook):

"I call them my twins for a reason," she wrote in a comment. "They're usually up to no good together. What I wasn't fast enough to catch on video was Maverick pulling Leroy by the collar over to the fridge to get him in place. He obviously had a plan."

It’s easy to marvel at the teamwork here, but let’s give poor Leroy a break, shall we? If this kid keeps up the fridge heists, Leroy’s spine is going to look like a rollercoaster track.