Tomi Lahren tried to own the libs with ‘Not My President’ merch. It hilariously backfired.

by Kimberly Dinaro

December 11, 2018

Everyone’s favorite angry conservative millennial, Tomi Lahren, has come out with a suggestion for anyone looking to spread conservative holiday cheer this season.

On Facebook, Lahren posted what we can only assume is a sponsored advertisement for her fans to purchase a Not My President calendar that mocks everything triggering for “snowflake” liberals, and of course the fact that Hillary lost. In fact, the only real theme of the entire calendar is that Hillary isn’t the president.

The calendar features Elizabeth Warren in a Native American headdress, a scowling Hillary, a tax-hungry Bernie Sanders, a kneeling Colin Kaepernick, and Beto O’Rourke in a sombrero. And that’s just the cover.

Inside, it’s equally as uncreative. November features Elizabeth Warren being served by suited butlers at what appears to be the first Thanksgiving. September is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being confused by Labor Day, “Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs!”

via Not My President

April shows an April Fools “just kidding Hillary didn’t win!” fake news headline and July, by far the creepiest of them all, shows Trump caressing an American Flag while Barack Obama and crew question, “why does he love this country so much?” 

Is that why conservatives think liberals have the beliefs they do? Because liberals “hate” America? This is news to me.

Not My President

I guess since Tomi Lahren can’t even go out to a restaurant anymore without getting drinks thrown in her face, she might as well get paid to boost the sales of a cartoon calendar that only works to divide our country further. I would even be fine with this calendar if it had one good joke, but alas, mocking liberals just isn’t as funny as mocking conservatives.


Lahren also tried to push the calendar on her Twitter:

December features (surprise!) a bunch of liberal heads on snowflakes, one of them being Parkland school shooting survivor, David Hogg. Maybe next year, you could hire a comedy writer to do a punch-up? Stephen Colbert would be a good choice ...

Lahren’s Facebook was generally supportive of the calendar with one fan suggesting she make a “Tomi calendar” with “a lot of guns!” but Twitter, of course, clapped back.

Better luck next year, Tomi. Maybe you could use your cut of the calendar sales to buy a new perspective.


Share image via Tomi Lehren/Facebook and Not My President

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Tomi Lahren tried to own the libs with ‘Not My President’ merch. It hilariously backfired.