Tomorrow, Join the One Day for Design Global Think-In

Tomorrow, thousands of designers will participate in a global conversation about the state of the design industry. What should they talk about?

Tomorrow, thousands of designers worldwide will be tuned into One Day for Design, a one-day, worldwide "think-in" for the design industry. The 24-hour experiment will be launched by AIGA, one of the largest professional associations for designers in the world, by asking designers (and non-designers) to chime in with their thoughts about their profession via Twitter (tag: #1D4D). The idea is to spark a global design conversation around what design should be and what it could be, and will hopefully provoke some meaty thoughts about where the design industry is headed.

But the even cooler part is that the conversation will be "moderated," in a sense, by design voices like Alex Bogusky, Doug Bowman, Liz Danzico, Debbie Millman, Erik Spiekermann, Armin Vit, Katherine Walker, and me, Alissa Walker. I've got some ideas of my own about the kinds of questions I'd like to ask to the GOOD audience tomorrow, but I want to hear from you: What should we discuss on a day devoted to design? Leave me your thoughts, and be sure to tune in tomorrow on the website or follow OneDayforDesign on Twitter.