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Lego City Has a New Resident Who Uses a Wheelchair

The new figure is part of its Lego City line.

Last week, at the 67th annual International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany, Lego gave a preview of this year’s product releases. Besides the new Mixels, Disney Princess, and Star Wars Legos, there’s a new playset, Fun in the Park, from its Lego City line. The playset features new figures, including an ice cream vendor, parents with a baby, a merry-go-round rider, and a service dog accompanying a hip kid in a wheelchair. Yep, that’s right, a young man in a wheelchair.

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Contrasted with last week’s exclusive story in Time about the new full-figured Barbie, Lego simply placed a figure in a wheelchair in a city setting, because he belonged there. No fanfare or self-congratulatory back slaps for Lego—they’re just a toy company doing what they’re supposed to do.

The new figure is wonderful news for the 1.7 million U.S residents who use wheelchairs or scooters for mobility and follows a slow-moving trend toward toys that represent children with disabilities. Recently, Makies, a British toymaker, released dolls with hearing aids, birthmarks, and canes.

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Mr. Potato recently got a hearing aid and cochlear implant so he can hear better.

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American Girl recently released a doll in a wheelchair.

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To add your voice to the growing group of parents, educators, and children asking for improved inclusivity in children’s toys, use #ToyLikeMe on social media.

(H/T The Independent)

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