Translating Text Messages for Haiti Translating Text Messages for Haiti

Translating Text Messages for Haiti

by Andrew Price

January 29, 2010
Over at Wired's Haiti Rewired blog, Leila Chirayath Janah explains how her organization is helping to translate text messages from earthquake victims in Haiti so relief workers can better understand the conditions there. Her aim is to eventually give this translation work to Haitians, so they can jumpstart their recovery with jobs. She writes:
My organization, Samasource, is now working with FrontlineSMS, Ushahidi, and CrowdFlower to use CrowdFlower's platform to translate emergency text messages coming out of Haiti, which improves response times by aid workers on the ground. (See a recent piece on this work here).The exciting thing about this partnership? Very soon, Haitians in Mirebalais-rather than expats in the US-will be earning money for performing these translations. We hope to fund the development of an information and communications technology center with VSAT connectivity to provide long-term digital work to more than 50 people, starting with the contract for SMS translation.
If you speak Creole and English you can help by volunteering here.Image from Haiti Rewired.
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Translating Text Messages for Haiti